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We Set The Benchmark

VP Brew & Still is a passionate collection of purveyors, brewers, distillers, and engineers. We focus on the beverage industry and specialize in the craft beverage market.   In the true spirit of the craft revolution, we are proud to be a family-owned brewery.

Unlike most of the commercial style craft products on the market, our products are owner brewed and distilled by hand in small volumes using traditional techniques. We don’t do commercial, industrial or backyard, only pure classy craft!   The dream started in 2020 and the original moment of inspiration came long before the craft industry. After many years of passion and hard work, we built a unique business and brand that serves our local community.

Raw Materials

Brewing is a traditional process with a long history that focuses on four major raw materials: barley malt, hops, water, and yeast. It is largely, but not exclusively, a biochemical process.


Making beer or spirits. Actually, any beverage. From water treatment to product packaging. Laboratory included.


Want to start a craft/micro beverage manufacturing facility. Complete turnkey or just improving.


Need help with your manufacturing process? Fault finding, quality control, process optimization, expanding, upgrading


Brewing and distilling. Grow your skills and improve your product. Save costs in your production.

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