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About Norkim

Norkim was established in 1991 as a Mining Civil Construction company. During a “need analyses Survey” conducted on contract mining in the industry, Norkim West Rand Mining Services, Norkim Raiseboring and Norkim Ore pass Support were established as subsidiary companies to Norkim Construction. Norkim Property Development were later established in 2001. With the unbundling of Norkim Construction in 2010, all the subsidiary companies were sold off to operate as individually owned enterprises.

Note: Norkim Raiseboring, Norkim Construction and Norkim Property Development are individually owned enterprises and do not form any part of Norkim West Rand Mining Services nor do Norkim West Rand Mining Services form part of them.

Norkim West Rand Mining Services has extensive experience in conventional mining, trackless mining, underground construction and secondary support services. Norkim West Rand Mining is a dynamic company providing multi-disciplinary services to the Mining industry. These services include all contractual mining related activities, civil and construction services, infrastructure related development and project management. Whilst maintaining a leading edge approach focused on innovation, integration and operational excellence.

The company’s core business, due to its background and experience, is focussed on the mining industry.

An Integrated Approach

Building on the established and core competency in the mining industry, we are ideally positioned to provide the necessary skills and resources to plan, manage and execute a wide variety of mining and Construction projects – from inception to commissioning.

An integrated approach is employed by offering a fully comprehensive and safe “one-stop”, “design-supply”, “single-point-responsibility” service, in any combination of execution and/or project management depending on the project characteristics, scope of works or the specific needs of the client.

In mining and construction related projects in the mining industry, the extensive experience of Norkim West Rand Mining Services employees, with project management practises skills we always maintaining ethical work codes and procedures with safety and health aspects first on our agenda and as stipulated by the mining industry and legislation.
Input from management level are always implemented on site to ensure “hands on” team management involvement.


Key personnel and our employees are all from a mining and construction background in the mining sector and are all registered with the relevant Mining Qualification Authorities as stipulated by legislation.

The implementation of Employment Equity and Black Empowerment procedures are according to legislation and the stipulated industry standard. Norkim West Rand Mining is a level 2 rated BEEE service provider.
The latest technology in IT resources are utilised in order to render a comprehensive professional service and are always produced electronically or to client specification.

Electronic tracking and communication utilities are implemented in the planning, design, execution and management of all projects.
Drawings, Mine designs and specifications are generated on Deswik CAD, AutoCAD and structural analyses, designs and reinforcing steel bending schedules are checked with the PROKON suite programme. Project Management is implemented with Microsoft Project Manager.

Fields of Specialisation

Norkim West Rand Mining Services as a subsidiary to Norkim Construction for specific contract Mining Services was established in 1997. Norkim West Rand Mining has extensive experience in conventional mining, trackless mining underground or opencast, construction and secondary support underground and on surface. All labour is skilled, suitably qualified, certified and members of different mining unions. They are all sourced from the mining industry and are certified medically fit, trained to the relevant mine standards and acclimatised to mine conditions.

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