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 As creatives, we only seek to accomplish that which yields creative solutions and produce optimum results.
We are forward thinkers, working in an industry that comes across as efficient, but in fact, isn’t.
As MTP, we strive to bridge the gap between artists, who are our most integral part and the reason for starting up this initiative, recognizing challenges that befall them and down-scaling them to workable solutions.

The Hustler

Subscribe for a month or get a 3 month discount on membership in order to view contacts of Connects (beat-makers) & Plugs (Recording studios). As an artist, you need to have more than one option, more than one sound, so that your music doesn’t sound monotonous.

MTP gives you access to different beat-makers / producers (Connects) who have a range of sounds that will certainly diversify your ability as a musician ten-fold. You will also have a choice in getting recording studios (Plugs) in your area foremost, or in whichever area you choose to record in. Circumstances and geography should never stop your passion.


The Connect

Become a Connect in 2 easy steps:

1. Subscribe for a month or get a 3 month discount on membership in order to be in the traffic of artists (Hustlers) looking for beat-makers / producers. This is an easy way of generating or boosting your income by a large margin.

2. Once a member of the genre/s of music you create, your contact details are at once visible to all artists subscribed on MTP. Artists will make contact with you, after listening to snippets of your beats/instrumentals, and you can charge them a reasonable rate to purchase your beats/instrumentals. Thereafter,  artists will have exclusive rights to record on your beat / instrumental and you even have a chance of getting an extra cut if you are also the one who gets to mix and master their recording/s.


The Plug

Put your recording studio and facilities on the map by subscribing to MTP and watch your business soar to new heights.
It’s real Easy:
Subscribe for a month or get a 3-month discount membership in order to be discoverable to artists (Hustlers) who want to record, mix and master their music. If you own a studio, create beats/instrumentals, mix, and master, you may just be the perfect Plug to charge a package deal rate that benefits your business first, and certainly becomes a one-shop-stop for artists. Even if you only record artists over their own beats, you are the one who still benefits. It’s your studio that we want to keep busy, and the more you record them, the more you make a living off the thing you love doing the most. You may charge artists (hustlers) package deals that relate to how many tracks they record, or you may broker a deal to record artists’ EPs, Albums or mixtapes of the genres you specialize in.

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