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Do you want an out of this world orthodontic experience? This is what the Dr LM Pretorius team can guarantee you. From the moment you make your first call to our bubbly receptionist, you will find this practice in a different league than average.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

The optimal time for active orthodontic treatment is when patients are in the puberty growth phase and when most of the permanent teeth have erupted. Early treatment may be initiated to prevent more serious problems from developing.  This early intervention may make treatment at a later age shorter and less complicated. Braces For Children

For children, getting braces can be a confusing concept to grasp.  On the one hand they are excited because lots of their friends have braces and they love the idea of having straight teeth but on the other hand they are wary of the fact that it might hurt.  The good news however is that with the new technology self-ligating brackets only low forces are used and therefor braces are not painful at all.

Braces For Adults

At one time people believed that braces were only for children.  The fact is, that of the millions of patients now in orthodontic treatment, approximately one of every five is eighteen years or older.

Damon® Braces

The Damon® System is an innovative new way to straighten the teeth quickly and comfortably.  Traditional dental braces are comprised of large metal brackets and a wide variety of elastics.  Damon® braces straighten teeth up to six months quicker than traditional braces and leave teeth healthy and beautiful. Prior to the adhesion of traditional braces, a tooth or multiple teeth often need to be removed to create space.  Damon®braces can be affixed without the removal of healthy teeth, because this system uses the body’s biological forces to create space naturally.


We are often complimented on how well our team work together.  We have compassion and empathy with each other and this spreads to our patients as well.  Our love, commitment and passion for our patients are reflected in their testimonials:

Hi Anne-Marie…  Please would you pass this on to everyone… I started my day feeling so very low and it all changed when I came in today and every other day before.  God has blessed you with compassion, patience, outer and inner beauty.  You have the humbling ability to make everyone you meet feel special and important.  Your beautiful energy is infectious.  Thank you for sharing it with me. Thank you to all the staff for your warmth and love.  You are all truly blessed with God’s love.  I am so thankful that I have crossed paths with each of you and shared in even just a small, but powerful measure of your spiritual beauty.

Dr Pretorius, I thank you for your commitment and sensitivity.  You are a shining example of patient centred leadership, with strong strategic and business process alignment.  I marvelled at this from the start of my being your patient because your values shine through in the commitment you demonstrate to all your patients, ALL THE TIME.  God has blessed you with a purpose driven life.  Thank you all for sharing it with me, even more so during this challenging time.  Your collective love and sincerity blesses me. To all of you…Keep being who you are.  God is smiling… Regards and love…Yes love…To all of you. Patty Director: Organisational Performance

As a facilitator in a training environment I have always used Dr Pretorius and his team as a leading example of how a service provider should treat their customers.  In all the nearly three years my daughter has been a patient at this practice we have always been treated like family.  We have never experienced the kind of service where the customer is truly treated like a king as the staff is always friendly, helpful and very professional.  I always highly recommend Dr Pretorius and his team to any person / parent needing orthodontic treatment to this practice.  Thank you for the years of wonderful service you and your team provided, adding your personal touch each time we visited you.  You also have the tastiest hot chocolate. Regards The Godley Family

Dear Dr Pretorius, Sorry for writing to you this late after Naana’s final review in May.  Anyway, it is better late than never. I just want so say thank you for the treatment you rendered to Naana whilst she was at Monash, South Africa.  The treatment has indeed changed her smile and her life!  May the good Lord richly bless you abundantly and give you long life so that you continue with you wonderful work. God bless, Chilufya Mbalashi, Naana’s mother.

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