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Aquatech SA is a leading supplier of water purification solutions for the private, corporate and industrial sectors throughout South Africa. The company has been in the industry for almost two decades and have during that time completed great and many solutions and installations.

Home And Office

Alkaline Water Benefits in the Fight Against Disease

Cancer is a disease that many of us are afraid of. It is something that many people get and kills lots of them. Although the treatment is improving, there are still many types of cancer that cannot be cured. There are lifestyle factors that are sometimes attributed to some types of the disease but it is still not known exactly what could prevent it or cure it. There is a lot of research going on and different types of cancer have different success rates. The latest thing that is trending online, that is being recommended for cancer prevention and treatment is alkaline water. There are a lot of reports stating that it is extremely good, but there is not a lot of evidence yet as it is relatively new and many studies is still being conducted.

KDF Under Counter Water Purification Units

If space is a problem choosing one of our smaller and more compact water purifications units. No need to clear the whole cupboard! KDF Carbon:

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) is a high-purity copper-zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction) to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies. The process also has a mild anti-bacterial, algaecitic, and fungicitic, effect and may reduce the accumulation of limescale.KDF process media is used in pre-treatment and primary treatment applications to supplement or replace existing technologies in order to extend system life and to reduce heavy metal contamination, chlorine and hydrogen sulfide…

Whole House (Point Of Entry – POE) Water Purification Systems

We supply and fit a wide range of point of entry water purifiers, filters and treatment plants for municipal water, borehole water, river water, dam water, natural springs and any other water source. These systems can be designed to your individual needs and to treat specific water problems.

Hot And Cold Water Dispenser Units

Aquatech offers a number of modern water dispenser solutions to simplify your life. Our units offer instant and easy access to hot water to make your favourite drinks hassle free at the fraction of the electrical costs of using a kettle. The cold water dispensed by the units are also ideal for the warm South African climate. Water purification systems can be used in conjunction with our selection of water dispensers to provide you with healthy great tasting water at the press of a button.


Industrial water purification solutions are aimed at purifying water on a much larger scale than household/office usage.

Reverse Osmosis

Although Reverse Osmosis seems like a complex system it is really a simple and straightforward water purification process. And it’s not a new process. High-pressure (pump is driven) reverse osmosis systems have been used for years to desalinate water – to convert brackish or seawater to drinking water and to purify municipal water. Municipal water is supplied as a utility water this means its used to wash your car, water your garden and is not necessarily healthy water to drink. Having a better understanding of how a reverse osmosis system works will eliminate the mystery and confusion you may feel when you look at a reverse osmosis system — with its many coloured tubes and multitude of filters…

Water Softeners

Softening by ion exchange resin is the most common and probably the easiest method of removing Hardness ( that is calcium and magnesium) from water and render the water suitable for utility Purpose. As the name implies ion exchange is a process in which undesirable ions are exchanged For more desirable ions.

Sand Filters

Sand filters use porous filtration medium to retain particles throughout the medium, rather than just on the surface of the medium. These filters are commonly used when the fluid to be filtered contains a high load of particles Relative to other types of filters, they can retain a large mass of particles before becoming clogged.


Ultrafiltration (UF) is a type of membrane filtration in which hydrostatic pressure forces a liquid against a semipermeable membrane. A semi-permeable membrane is a thin layer of material capable of separating substances when a driving force is applied across the membrane. Once considered a viable technology only for desalination, membrane processes are increasingly employed for removal of bacteria and other microorganisms, particulate material, and natural organic material, which can impart colour, tastes, and odours to the water and react with disinfectants to form disinfection byproducts (DBP). As advancements are made in membrane production and module design, capital and operating costs continue to decline.

Bag Filters

In many filtering applications, a choice between the use cartridge filter or a bag filter has to be made. Both are sediment filters, that is to say, they reduce the number of sediments transported by the fluid through filtration.

Ultraviolet Sterilization

Ultraviolet disinfection systems are mysterious to many people – how can “light” kill bacteria? But the truth is it can. Ultraviolet (UV) technology has been around for 50 years, and its effectiveness has been well documented both scientifically and commercially. It is nature’s own disinfection/purification method. With consumers becoming more concerned about chlorine and other chemical contamination of drinking water, more dealers are prescribing the ultraviolet solution suitable for both small flow residential applications as well as large flow commercial projects.


Ozone (O3), one of nature’s basic elements, is a very powerful disinfecting and deodorizing gas consisting of oxygen (O2) with an extra oxygen atom attached, therefore becoming ozone (O3). When oxygen in the air is exposed to high-intensity ultraviolet rays, ozone is created (such as our sun creating the ozone layer). When ozone does its job, it oxidizes by giving up and attaching its extra oxygen atom to anything that can be oxidized. Once this process occurs, the ozone molecule becomes oxygen (O3 – O = O2). Thus, the only by-product of ozone is pure oxygen. In fact, ozone reverts to pure oxygen quite rapidly and naturally: The half-life of ozone in air is on the order of hours and on the order of minutes when dissolved in water. Additionally, ozone dissolves over 12 times more readily into water than pure oxygen, then reverts to oxygen, providing hundreds of times more dissolved oxygen in your water that could otherwise be possible. This high oxygen content of your water provides many of the benefits made possible with the Triple O system.

Iron Exhange

MGS., Ion Exchange Catalyst, is generally known as a Green Sand. Was developed as more efficient homogeneous granular filter media to extract dissolved salts of Iron Arsenic Manganese and Alumina found in South African raw waters.

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