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About Us

The 4UREWARDS  is an electronic platform providing NETWORK & RESOURCES between the Independent Business, its local residences and passing by travellers.

We LOVE to support local businesses, in particular, the ones accidentally discovered, those EXQUISITE HIDDEN GEMS we’re dying to share with you and the whole of SOUTH AFRICA. Their excellent services, unique products and affordable prices will draw you back time after time. Go where you have never been before and experience something new!

The PARTNERS listed on 4URewards are all independent business owners. Some whom have successfully continued trading, for as long as 2 to 3 generations, notwithstanding the mushrooming malls appearing everywhere. We also have new young business owners providing innovative, trendy services and products for those who don’t want to be left behind on what’s new in the marketplace. Let us not forget that it is these Independent Businesses who initially established a hub of variety stores and supplies to bring about CONVENIENCE to its local residents and passing by travellers way back then.
Partners listed extends from B&B’s, Restaurants, Wardrobe, Décor, Beauty, Adventure, Life Style, Artisans, Health, Auto and many more, including Services Providers, catering for EVERYONE, young and old. The customer, our EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSare eligible for incentives, discounts and specials offered by the Partners, saying a big “THANK YOU” to their loyal supporters all year round. These REWARDS are available to YOU ONLY.  You can bag as many as you want and redeem them in store with your next visit to your favourite Partner.
This membership opens the door to a vast variety of shopping experience. NO card is required to redeem your rewards, paperless processing. Just present your digital reward on the app on your mobile to the Partner and cash in on it instantly. MEMBERSHIP subscription options range from single Silver 3 months, Gold 6 months and Platinum 12 months plans. 4URewards app is conveniently brought to you, on your desktop, in your pocket on your mobile and at your fingertips 24/7. The application can be downloaded to your mobile, tablet or desktop for your preferred browsing and shopping experience.

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